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About Theme Weddings


Theme weddings are a lot of fun and guests will remember them always.  
A key element to a theme wedding is ensuring the guests 
remember your wedding for all the right reasons!  
Certain factors are important to consider when planning a theme wedding.
  • Appropriate venue.
  • Incorporation of foods relevant to the theme.
  • Wedding Attire.
  • Party Favours
  • Invitations
  • Music

Flowers contribute to every wedding and so too with a theme wedding. 
In Victorian times, for example, the flowers in a bride's bouquet 
became messages because each flower had its own special meaning. 
The symbolic and legendary meanings of flowers dates back to the Elizabethan era, 
but it was the Victorians who actually assigned simple messages to individual flowers. 
Flower Language was introduced to the Swedish court in 1714 by Charles II 
and flower language spread throughout Europe. ...more on the meanings of flowers...

There are "the eras" such as 
Medieval (476-1450), 
Renaissance (1450-1600), 
Elizabethan (1550-1650) 
and Victorian (1837-1901). 
Couples might also consider the Roaring 20's, 
the Swingtime 40's, 
Rock & Roll of the 50's, 
the Flower Child generation of the 60's
"lighter" themes, such as sock hops, 
disco, and masquerade/costume themes

Themes can be connected to a particular season or holiday
such as autumn or Halloween. 


They can find their foundation on a specific historical or ethnic group
like Western weddings, 
Scottish or Irish themes, 
which range from spurs to shamrocks. 


There are Cinderella Weddings
complete with Prince Charming and a coach with horses 
and Country Western themes 
where the bride and groom arrive in a horse and buggy 
and country music fills the air.



Celtic or Medieval Wedding


Elizabethan Wedding


Elizabethan Ceremony from Edward VI (1537-1553)


Scottish Wedding


Victorian Wedding


Greek Wedding


Spanish Style Wedding


Mayan Style Wedding


German Style Wedding


Italian Style Wedding


French Style Wedding


Hawaiian Style Wedding


Oriental Style Wedding


Caribbean Style Wedding


Sock Hop